Have an Opinion

We are providing you with the opportunity to put forward your opinion about what is going on in the community.

Participate in Survey

Take part in council surveys to present and express your opinion on important community topics.

Connect with people

Become a member of Community Panel to connect with the local people and identify their concerns.

Sufficient Knowledge

Have an access not only to the panel management and survey instrument but also to the market research proficiency.

Our Vision

With our deep thinking, positive approach, innovative research, intention to do something good for the community and smart communications, we are a reliable name in Brisbane where you can come without hesitation and give your voice a concrete base. Our growth is credited to the visionary members who unite innovative and new ideas to offer actionable solutions and effective communications to the clients of Brisbane, Queensland. We have become a trusted community for our clients and are proud with positive impact we have made on the community of Brisbane. Whatever we do, we try to deliver only excellence so that we can satisfy our clients.

What we do?

We conduct and deliver the best possible quality of research for our respected clients in Brisbane. At community panel, we also do a comprehensive analysis for the local government of Brisbane and also try to improve the day-to-day lives of the community member. Moreover, our team of councils looks forward to developing relationships with the existing as well as clients. With an intention to create a prosperous future of the Brisbane community, we do data analytics, market research, report writing and assist the local government. We conduct surveys, where member gives their input on various important community topics in Brisbane like how public space should be used, greening and environmental problems, services of the council, emerging technologies and developments, prices and taxes, transportation and other similar topics. The challenges we face and our passive to solve it inspired us to establish a way that can help the community to provide feedback to the elected members.

Our aim is the betterment of Brisbane. We host seminars, charity gigs, and a variety of events that help us recognize and serve the community’s need. We have volunteer programs and have an efficient network of volunteers that helps us reach out a lot of people in the Brisbane community. Furthermore, we are backed by a team of experienced professionals who are well versed with Brisbane’s community. They are capable of collecting data and have the right tools to analyse the date to create reports on current scenarios, needs of community, rising trends, future plans, predictions, and much more. Our experts also study available data and research the latest trends to find out the effects of events and decision. We analyse the performance and strive to improve the current situation. With the sole objective to provide complete information about the Brisbane Community, we give our best and always focus on delivering best solutions.

We help make the community feel more connected with each other and create a safe space for people to come together and work with each other to create a beautiful living environment. We want the community members to feel like a family and always support and be there for each other. We believe this is very important to connect people to each other as communities can help people feel loved and respected and help hone their overall development and well-being. This will help you as a member of the community, grow as a person as well.

Why people value it?

The Community Panel is a gateway that provides people with a simple and easy way to engage with the community and experiencing the feeling that everyone’s input is contributing to the development of the future. The concept of the community panel provides better access and easy participation in the decision making processes of the Council. This is strategically very crucial as it creates an inclusive culture throughout the community.
As the members complete the questionnaires on a regular basis, it shows their input and the contribution toward objectives of the council and its future planning. Our smart communications with our clients, deep insights and actionable solutions are some of the factors that make us what we are. We are a reliable research partner for our clients and proud of the contribution we are making in the community. Community Panel works with the aim to provide complete satisfaction to the clients across Brisbane, Queensland. Our reliable services like, data visualisation, market research, helping local government and conducting a survey is towards the betterment of our local community. Our objective is to achieve the set milestone and provide well-research information about the Brisbane community to our prestigious clients and that’s why people value our services.

Our Story

Established in 2004, Community panel is one of its kind consultant companies in Brisbane, Queensland. Being one of the top social survey and market research agencies, we have expanded and currently in various regional areas and capital cities and across Australia. We are backed by a team of professionals who combine new concepts and innovative ideas to offer high-quality service, accurate data and useful result.

Although we are located at various places, our Brisbane based location is the oldest one and maintain stringent quality check at each stage of fieldwork as well as data processing. We follow a unique approach and work directly with the members of the community as well as assist local government. Our quantitative and qualitative research services and detailed survey make us a reliable platform for the development of the community.

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