Jaclyn Mattner

Market Research Manager at Community Panel, Jaclyn has years of experience when it comes to planning, conducting and delivering the utmost quality of research for her clients. She has been a constant source of motivation for the team.

William Nosiglia

Research Associate at the Community Panel, William is exceptionally passionate about strategic planning and great at researching the local government. He always looks for ways to improve the day-to-day lives of members.

Elena Dale

Research Associate at the Community Panel, Elena also has an extraordinary wealth of experience regarding data analytics, market research, and report writing. She is also looking forward to developing relationships with new as well as existing clients.

Community Panel Founders

Dr Anna Diglio

Senior Research Associate at the Community Panel, Anna is interested in issues related to the local government. And this interest drove her to set up a way where the Community can provide the vital feedback to the elected members.

John Kapulski

Senior Research Associate at the Community Panel, John has years of experience in working with local government. He was an integral part of the validation and evaluation of the community and has helped the panel define its own path.

Amy Horberry

Research Associate at the Community Panel, Amy is new to the team but has a vast experience in helping local governments. She is passionate for work and always looks for different strategies that can create a prosperous future for the community.

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