Market Research


Our process of market research has been designed to get important information and accurate data. Out team also make sure that the marketing strategy is cost-effective for our clients. Through our market research, we provide our clients with the results they require and help them identify and analyse the demand of the market in Brisbane.

Data Visualisation


Several disciplines view this as a contemporary equivalent of visual communication. Our service involves the study and creation of the visual representation of data. Our team uses plots, statistical graphics, information graphics and many more tools to convey the information.

Conduct Survey


There are several ways to conduct a survey, and our team is aware of all the ways. All our method of conducting surveys has their advantages. These benefits need to be considered before the actual execution. From creating a list of questions, inviting the participants, gathering responses to analysing the results and writing a report, we are capable of providing a complete solution. Once you signed up, you will receive an invitation to participate in 2 to 4 surveys per year about significant council issues like strategic plans, budgets, satisfaction surveys and community innovations.

Analysis of Data


This involves the study of available data to research the potential trends and evaluates the effects of some specific decisions or events. In short, we analyse the performance of a given scenario. The goal of this service is to improve the situation by understanding it. Our team is aware of the fact that by gaining knowledge about it, we can improve.



Through this service, we provide an opportunity to the Brisbane community members to make a positive impact in their council area. We listen to the members and understand what is working for them and what the concerns are. We interact with our members on various topics like how public space should be used, greening and environmental concerns, developments and emerging technologies, transportation, prices and taxes and other similar issues.

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